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Mystery Blogger Award


Thank you fbcballerina for nominating me for this award. I really appreciate it! Xxx She is a fellow ballet dancer who has started her journey at an unconventional period of her life unlike most dancers who start out young. Similar to me she shares her love of ballet and explores it in her blog and also her instagram. Do go and give her a look.

Update:Also, thank you Shireen for nominating me too! She is also another dance blogger who shares her story about her life long journey in dance especially in her young adult years. Check her out!

What is the mystery Blog Award?

It’s an award dedicated to bloggers out there who are deserving of their undying love and passion for what they blog about. That somehow inspire you and motivate you when you read their blog. A blogger that you think should be awarded because you believe they should be recognized and discovered by more people out there. This is also a way to create a friendly community and build a link between bloggers in the blogosphere. (To view the original post of Okoto Oke Engima please click here!)


  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)


“Tell me about yourself”-When people ask me this question I try to make it as interesting as possible and not go done the generic route.

  1. I am drawn to a lot of old things. I Love Classical music, (My favourite Composer is probably Joe Hisaishi, click to listen!) the old architecture and old classic books and tea(herbal tea)! I really love things all things classic. That is also one of the reasons why I love Ballet, hence my pursuit of it.
  2. I live in Ireland. A small and remote island near Britain. Even though it is a first world country there is a lot of nature around. I was born towards the end of the 90’s so I had a great childhood that consisted of going outside, picking flowers, playing in rivers.
  3. I have 4 sisters. I am the 4th oldest and also the youngest of the lot because I was born a twin. At the same time I am the oldest out of the twins. 😅 my oldest sister and I am ten years apart. By the time I was in secondary school they pretty much have moved out leaving my twin sister and I at home. So began my life as the oldest sibling in the house. I have the best of both world you could say. 😌



  1. Emilee for her awe-inspiring story beautifully written.
  2. Elena for chasing her dream in ballet and her story behind it.
  3. Maysa Rose   another ballet blog in which she speaks about all types of interesting topics. She also has a way with words.
  4. Miss AuChatBleu a beautiful blog with a lovely theme with interesting insights into different topics
  5. Jessica  for her bravery to pursue her dreams.
  6. Alessia  for her motivating journey of a dancer who gives amazing tips and tricks of the trade.
  7. Nicole  a beautiful blog
  8. Sung Eun Rose for her ability to share
  9. Arissa Ayumi for sharing her story from the other side of the world
  10. Ella for her insightful and sophisticated posts about ballet


My questions for my nominees:

1.Which childrens book character would you want to be? 

I think I would be Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynn Jones. Growing up they were my favourite books alongside Narnia and other high  fantasy books like Harry Potter. To be able to become old and carry on living is a bravery I really admire in Sophie. (If you don’t know Sophie is turned into an old woman by a mean witch in this story)


2. What was the last thing you went out of your comfort zone for?

I would say ever since I have dropped out of Uni that is my biggest venture out of my comfort zone that lead to a domino of other things I find uncomfortable for me. As a reserved person, talking to people on streets and going to places I haven’t been by myself is probably one of these things.

3.Where do you want to travel to? There are a great deal of places I want to go so I will have to make a list of all these place: (they are in no particular Order)

  1. Egypt, Sewa, Cairo, Alexandria
  2. Iceland, Reykjavik
  3. All Scandinavian Countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden)
  4. France, Nice, small french villages, Paris
  5. Monaco, Monte Carlo
  6. Spain, Barcelona, Madrid and Andalusia
  7. Italy, Naples, Florence ( As an art student I would love to see the impressive art they have in person <3), Positano (top place on my bucket list!)
  8. Greece, Athens, Santorini
  9. Hawaii
  10. South Africa, Capetown
  11. Belgium,
  12. Austria, Vienna
  13. England, London (I’ll be going there this summer! Yay!)

This is my list for the moment!

4.Which adjective dsecribes you the best?

Kind, compassionate, silly and Positive!

5.If you could only do one sport for the rest of your life which one would it be?

I don’t have a sport in mind, but if there was one physical activity that I would keep up it would have got to be ballet. Doing Ballet changes you for the better. I can already see the way it is changing my body. Muscles I haven’t been aware of are activated and it really teaches you patience and discipline. Sometimes when I waiting for the bus I see myself subconsciously standing in third position and it really has made me all the more graceful. I would really recommend it. 😉


Now for the question I have for my nominees. 😉

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  2. What is your favourite place on earth?
  3. Why is your passion your passion?
  4. Where (a place) does your heart draw you to?
  5. What is the wildest dream you ever dreamed?

Hope you liked reading a little about moi! There will be more soon!

à la prochaine!

beaucoup d’amour



Ballet talk

Bye bye 2017 and Awaiting 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 was my hardest year by far and I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my best year but I’m grateful for the lessons it has taught me. From dancing in my first intensive, turning 18, finding a job, finding myself passionless in my major it certainly is and was one of the most pivotal part of my life.

What it taught me is that things take time to develop. I’ll admit I’m not the most patient person in the world. However, I am working on it consistently. I think ballet has taught me this because of the slow improvements I see and actually I feel so much more appreciation for these small achievement. Just recently I can actually understand how to engage my leg muscles when standing next to the barre. I can feel more control in my movements and I now notice some mistakes that I have been doing that I didn’t realize at all. I always seem to arch my back and not engage my pelvis, I don’t know why but it seems to just happen so now I am focusing diligently on fixing this.


This year I really want to focus on increasing my flexibility. It didn’t take me long to get both sides of my splits but there is no other improvement. I want to overcome this by stretching every day if not every other day doing splits against the wall and middle splits and a better leg hold! I want to be able to hold my leg closer to my head in a standing position. Currently it is 45 degrees ways from my head and I would like to improve this.


As for strength I would like to increase the height of my developpe which is a little below 90 degrees. With more practice I can certainly achieve this! If you haven’t read my post about my goals. You can read it by clicking on the link if you want. These goals are still my goals, nothing has really changed except maybe knowing more than I previously did.

What I didn’t include was my pointe work in the post from the link. I’m still trying to get over the box. Anyone have any tips for this? I would very much appreciate the help. I have been consistently doing relevees on one foot for the last week. Hopefully it will stay consistent. I really hope it does improve. I will admit 2017 hasn’t been my most motivated period and I did spend more time as a couch potato than practicing and improving myself. There certainly have been times of lows when I feel like giving up and believing maybe being a dancer isn’t for me? But it never leaves me, the dream follows me and though I may say otherwise, I can’t seem to let it go….

This is my 4 month progress since I got my first pointe shoes in August 2017 to now. I am definitely more over the box. My feet look more stronger and my control is much more noticeable.

My turmoil leaves me stagnant and unmotivated to dance. On a brighter note, I will hopefully be taking my intermediate RAD exam this summer. Though my teacher believes I may not be strong enough or know the setting enough unless I keep working as I have now. I will definitely try and I honestly am a bit nervous and excited since I haven’t taken a ballet exam before.

Wishing everyone a hopeful beginning and a fresh start.


May- xx

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City in winter

Although Autumn is my favourite months nothing can compare to the beautiful Christmas lights surrounding the city. Though probably not as pretty as London the city where I live is beautiful in its own, as small as it is. Below are some recent pictures I have taken over the last week. I realised the pictures I have taken all were during a time where the weather was its best. 🤣 Most of the time it is cloudy and dull and rains a lot… But somehow I managed to make it look beautiful. ❤️

“It’s the most beautiful time of the year”

What is your favourite time of the year? For me it is certainly Autumn though Winter has its own special appeal. Unfortunately there is no snow this year and the weather forecast seem to predicate that a white Christmas will not be in store. 😌

But there’s always next year! Who know what the future will have in store for us, only time will tell.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🌲☃️

See you in my next post!


Ballet talk

why I started…

Hi eveyone! Happy holidays and only 11 days left until Christmas!

Recently I have been distracted and a bit mind-blown about life. At the moment I am trying to find myself and it seems only dance is the real rock for me that keeps me grounded and sure of myself. Then it got me thinking, how did I come to realize it was something I wanted to do?

In all honesty, I don’t know how it started. I have never been to a ballet before or either to a ballet studio so how did it happen? It might have been the t.v that made me intrigued and fascinated with this art form. Maybe a commercial here and there that conveyed a picture perfect image of a ballerina in her moment of true excitement and passion on stage?

What I do know is that I grew up watching a cartoon, an anime to be exact that showed a beautiful girl with a beautiful but sad story. And yes, ballet was a pivotal part of it. It was after all, called “Princess Tutu”. (Really go check it out and you will understand why I was so inspired ;))

Image result for princess tutu
this was my childhood! ❤

Granted, now that I am a bit older I not naive to the world of Dance, which can hard, cruel and extremely difficult. But even so, I feel like in every dancer there is sort of magic that exists that sparks significance into a show. Perhaps that is why ballet still exists today because it reminds us of a part of ourselves that is truly magical and hopeful.  A world where we can appreciate and become our inner child and dream like we once did.

Of course, I wasn’t just inspired by the magic that exists on stage, but by the beautiful way people moved and the story they often told. Whether it was Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Cinderella, I truly loved each and every one of them. How were you inspired to be a dancer? Was it by watching a ballet? Or maybe a part of you already knew you wanted to be a dancer…the stage is yours…

A short and sweet post but hopefully a little bit insightful. 😉 And can you believe there is only 11 days until Christmas, time seems to be flying by so quickly and the end of the week is also drawing near..

As always see you in my next post,


May- xx

Image result for cinderella dreams come true quote
Beautiful words with a beautiful meaning. 🙂
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Happy first of December! Weather is getting cold and staying in bed is something I look forward to each day. Hby?

Some Christmas inspiration for you all! ✨🎅🏼🤶🏼🌲

Today I went out and took these amazing photos. Aren’t they beautiful?

Its has been a while since my last post. How are you all doing?I haven’t reviewed class in a while either. I just had one the other day and one soon! (Saturday)

As usual class was great and though it was hard at times I really enjoyed it.; For the first time I did the whole class in my pointe shoes. My teacher recommended it to help break my pointe shoes because they were and still are, rock hard. 😂 Every time I walk or jump my shoes would be ringing and I am terribly flustered by it. You see I am usually the unnoticeable one in the classroom and it is not any different in the studio.

Just as I was getting the hang of balancing on flat shoes the pointe shoes took it to another level. 😭 But I’m so happy with the progress I am getting from wearing them. My legs are aching especially my calves after the other night’s class and it doesn’t usually happen often. Also I have noticed I hold my breath a lot during class and it always make me red in the face. Anyone else do this too?

Below represents well how I feel at the moment in regards to my mental and physical body. Tired. Confused. In turmoil.

I haven’t been quite honest with you guys. I have been awfully lost these past few weeks trying to discover what I am truly want to pursue in the future. Hence, for not posting in a while. I have mentioned previously I was attending college majoring in Computer Science. After several weeks into the course-maybe 2 months and a few weeks I have realised it just wasn’t for me. I was struggling a lot and it stressed me out so much. I hate to think of what I would be like if I survived 1st and started 2nd year.

I hated that ballet was placed in the back seat of my mind. All I was doing was going to class anxiously waiting for the next exam and waiting for the next day to arrive. I lacked motivation to practice my dancing and I wasn’t even happy.

In all honesty, I had previously told people close to me countless times during the last two months that I didn’t think it was the right choice for me but right after these conversations I would decide to continue on…

This is NOT a good thing to do! One thing I would say to anyone out there is that if you are ever doubting something whether you should do something or not don’t do it. It will save you time and you will be much happier.

Last week, I went to my programme office and told them of what I wanted to do, that was to withdraw from my course. This means I’m course-less at the moment! 😭 I will have to wait until next year to reapply for another uni. Right now, I’m thinking of finding a much needed job to supplement me. Wish me luck!

On a brighter note, dancing will be of greater focus since I am officially-(kind of) taking a gap year? Still I know I will be returning to uni soon. I also think I may have found the right course after countless days of research and YouTube videos. 😂 And this time I really feel it is something I see myself doing. I guess only time will tell what will happen in the future. I am also not forgetting my dream of being a dancer. But I have realised it is not a firing passion as it once was for me to become professional. Of course I will continue with dancing throughout my life and with this I will grow and develop my technique. I think a part of me is already accepting the fact that my chances are pretty slim now. But that doesn’t stop me from dancing. It would be a pleasure though if I had a fighting chance. A part of me is hopeful yet accepting too.

Somehow something clicked in me. Yes I want to pursue this dream but is it realistic?

A heartfelt post for you all and a tiny bit depressing.

I was debating whether to post this as I feel it is way too personal but I think all my followers (who are amazing!) have the right to know. It’s incredible the people you can meet through just writing. I am extremely grateful for you all.

As always,

Lots of ❤️

See you in my next post!

May- Xx

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Something a little different 

Today (Sunday 12/11/17) instead on getting my head down and studying I went out with my sister for a needed walk in a HUGE park. This week I had most of my assignments completed save for one-which is due for Fri. (Yes!) 
Another thing I really appreciated was the fact I actually got some down time from the busy city life. Here where I live it is nothing as chaotic as the city life in other cities however even still as a girl who moved from a small town to a big city can be immensely overwhelming. This park was the right remedy for this. 

A beautiful tree that looks so much better in person. Fall is my favourite season! 😍
The colours are so pretty! 😻
One of the photos I took while walking home. The sun was setting already at 4pm

It was so cold but it was a lovely day nevertheless and the sun was shining so beautifully. Sunsets are so amazing. 😉 

To treat ourselves after the long walk we went to a little cafe that looked like a stable converted into a modern cafe. There we got Hot Chocolate and Carrot Cake. 

I loved the carrot cake. It wasn’t too sweet and I also liked the goat cheese to make it moist. 🍰✨

It was a simple day, but feeling revived after these few weeks settling in. 

I guess besides my ballet journey posts I will be showing you snippets of my life too! 

Yesterday I had a ballet class it was super hard but I felt proud of myself for keeping up with the music and steps! 👊🏼 I have a Lot to improve. And now my muscles are screaming at me, it’s painful but a good thing? Now back to work, anyone have done matrix algebra before? Hehe not expecting you too! 

Anyways, have a good day wherever you are! Stay gold. 😉

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Two places at once


First and foremost Happy November Everybody! Hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween!

Do you ever get that feeling you live two lives? Where you feel like those two lives are yours yet when you compare them they are so far apart that it almost feels like there were two people living those lives?

Good news today is that I’m going back to my old studio to take class with a guest teacher/dancer who will be teaching us today!  Super excited about it.

A little biography about this guest teacher is that she attended northern ballet as a student in Manchester and she graduated from the conservatory of Scotland.  Her name is Haley Cunningham and currently a dancer with Ballet Ireland.


Next day….

By now, I have had the masterclass, let me tell you it was a superb experience! I really loved seeing everyone. It was so nice to be back again. Of course, class started with Barre work, which I was pretty happy about. I did, however, receive one correction from Haley and that was to push my knees out more as I bend in grande plie, which is definitely something that can be fixed quite quickly. Other than that I was happy with myself.

During this masterclass -which was open to our class and also students outside of my ballet studio, I met a girl who also, coincidentally lived in the same town as me and attended the local ballet school there. When I first started ballet I actually emailed this local ballet school to see if they had a class catered to my level, unfortunately, they did not but they did recommend my now- old/current ballet studio.  My teacher, Ms. S was actually a student of this ballet school too! After this class I went home to finish my dreaded programming homework…ugh, it was such a pain, perhaps even more painful than ballet physically is, I’m serious! Anyways, of course knowing me I got distracted right away and ended up looking at my facebook, then noticing a friend request from someone. I took the time to see if I could recognize this person and was aware of how familiar she looked. Then it clicked I knew who she was and sent her a message asking if she was the girl who attended the masterclass. She replied within minutes. We started chatting and realized we were more alike than we thought. She told me she was in her last year of secondary school (or high school for y’all American friends out there!), in intermediate level and grade 5 in ballet, and also was a late starter to ballet (she started two years ago). I told her I also started late; now it is a year since ballet has been in my life and since then I have been put in grade 5 and intermediate. Both of us were of similar age although I am a year older than her.

What I couldn’t believe was how fast I have progressed.  I went from not knowing any ballet to intermediate after just a year into it. Now knowing how I CAN catch up makes me so optimistic. I can’t tell you how happy I am about this!

But what made my day the most was the comment she gave me. She asked me how long I have been dancing and when I told her she was quite surprised and asked if I have had any previous experience in gymnastics. I told her no, then she responded by saying she wouldn’t have known I was a late starter.

You have no idea how much that meant to me.

On the other hand, Uni is another story. In the previous posts, I have made I promised a little insight on the course I’m doing in the previous post. To be honest, it probably the most difficult thing I have done in my life. There are countless times where I would stay up until 1am to finish an assignment. Every assignment I get takes up my time, so much so that I barely have any time to myself let alone practice ballet. I’m still trying to stand on my two feet despite it being two months already. Good thing is, I’m not one for parties and I prefer to spend time in solitude and practice Ballet any chance I get. 😝😉

I’m back home for the weekend meaning more time spent doing ballet and stretching. Yes!
Have a nice weekend everyone!!

As always, 

see you in my next post.

May- Xx