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how much does it cost to be a dancer?

Following on from my previous blog I have mentioned how Ballet is not an easy path and how money can hinder a potentially talented individual. I feel that not a lot of people speak about the cons of dance except perhaps that hard work is expected. To be more precise, about the elitist nature of Ballet.

There is no doubt that Ballet can be expensive, more so perhaps than a lot of other extra-curricular activity, like sports, tennis, swimming or even music lessons etc. Classes can add up to the bulk of the price sometimes reaching up to a thousand euros sometimes even more. Furthermore, dancewear is heavily priced too. Perhaps it is because dancewear is not easily attainable or easily made? Nevertheless, the cost of being a dancer is considerably expensive. Nevermind the many pointe shoes one goes through in a year.


So, it is often a pity when young children who have so much potential do not get to fulfill their dreams because of this restraint. However, as they say, “if there is a will there is a way.” For the past year since I began dance, I was appalled at the extremely high prices and so I tried to find some alternative sources.

As I am a soon-to-be University student buying dancewear is the last thing on my mind in terms of expenses. So for the last couple of months since I started my dance journey I have endeavored to find a way that would enable me to spend as little as possible. I wasn’t very successful but here are 3 ways to help you along your dance journey. 🙂

  1. Subscribe to Online Dance Stores

This is very simple and you probably have done it already. It’s important to get updated by dancewears. Just recently, I have received an email informing me about a summer sale where all products were at 20% off. More often than not, these emails will inform you of new items, sales and other beneficial information that may help you in acquiring cheap dancewear and help you save money in the long run.  You are also more likely to keep an eye on the products of the website. Thus, you will know if there are any changes or new updates to the store.


2. Clearance!

I love looking at the clearance section of an online dance store. It has been the first thing I select when the homepage of a dance store appears on my screen. There are sure to be some gems so don’t forgo the clearance or sale section! 😉

3. Go to a local Dance Store 

In my local area, there is only one dance store available. I often find online dancewear to be much cheaper than in-store. But added with the shipping cost it may even cost more than buying locally. So, go local! It’s a great way to meet new people too who are sure to help you find the perfect fit in a leotard and even your dance shoes.

Hope these tips were helpful to all my ballet friends! 🙂 Also, have a nice day everyone and as always, see you in my next post.

Stay tuned for more!

Love May xxx

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