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Struggles of a teen Dancer

As a teenager life is difficult. As you grow up you begin to uncover new realizations and see the world in new and different eyes. Then, begins the journey of trying to find yourself. You go through a series of unsteady times in unsteady legs. You find yourself longing to fit in, to be a part of something that you believe is your safe haven.

I have to admit, when I first started dancing, especially dancing Ballet, it was extremely daunting. It was what I wanted, without a doubt but sometimes I feel immensely discouraged by the people around me. I have never told any of my friends about this passion of mine; simply because I am actually quite shy and reserved and nobody ever really was interested in my life. Also, many of the conversations with friends never seem to center around topics related to dancing. Many teenagers have little to no interest in this form of art. I, therefore keep this passion I have to myself being the introvert I am! I also find when you do open up to someone about your interest they seem to discourage you, perhaps without even realizing it.

“Aren’t you too old?”

 “you don’t have the ballet body.”

These words are the consistent ones and yes, at first I am quite affected by these inconsiderate words and it is extremely hard to overcome them sometimes, especially if you are sensitive. But don’t them get into your head too much. It is better said than done, unfortunately! Just remember this is YOUR life and YOU are the only one in charge of it. If you have only got one day to live would you care about what people say or chase your dreams and goals?

“Do more than just exist!”

So, fellow dancers don’t be discouraged. You have every right to do what you love. Even if you are not the most talented. It is the passion that makes the difference.  😉

I truly hope this post shines a little light into someone’s life. Often times, I feel down in the dumps about my own potential and passion for dancing. I want all late dancers and all dancers to know you are enough, even if you are not there yet!

Much LOVE,

May- xxx

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2 thoughts on “Struggles of a teen Dancer

  1. 🙂 never give up on your passion! I started with street dance / hip hop at the age of 16. And there are a lot of people who don’t know anything about this type of dancing but this is definitely not something which can discourage me.. and yes – nowadays kids start going to dance lessons at the age of 2 or 3, but this shouldn’t have an effect on your motivation or desire to improve or go to dance classes.
    cheers from Munich

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