Ballet talk

note to self ♡

Dear me/aspiring dancers,

Don’t be despondent about where you are now. Don’t feel like your life is on pause just because you aren’t there yet.

At times, you may feel like your dreams are impossible, but even miracles take a little time. You may not go down the conventional route of a dancer but know that you can still be different and achieve what your heart yearns for.

It might take countless failures and rejections to get to the top but do not let them be the sources of discouragement; let them be your foundation for a better endeavor next time.

You might feel a bit envious of girls who are fortunate to chase their dreams earlier in life. That’s fine, but remember not everyone’s story has to be conventional. Your’s can be an inspiration. 🙂

You may feel you are inadequate. People may hurt you with words. But you are stronger than you think. You started this journey for a reason and it is no good to give up halfway. NO one is going to help you get there, you are in charge of your life now.

And don’t feel the need to ask other people to reassure your aspirations. The trouble is by not risking anything you risk more.

When you look back, you will be happy that you listened to your heart. You just have to believe you can make it. Because in order for others to believe in your dreams you have to be the first person to believe it can happen.

Ask yourself the question “A year from now would you have wished you had started today?” 


“I can Accept failure. Everyone fails at something but I can’t accept not trying.” 

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“Be fierce. Face your biggest fear and don’t allow them to scare you. You are strong enough to overcome anything imaginable.”


Hey there everyone! This post is for me and for everyone else trying to pursue their dreams. At times, I am faced with discouragement and sometimes I feel like I should give up because the end goal seems almost impossible to reach. So, I have written this out, to encourage me and perhaps all aspiring dancers out there. Recently, I have seen so much success stories of young dancers I know and though I am happy for them, it honestly makes me unhappy with where I am. Now that I have overcome this sadness I wrote this to help others who may feel they are in a similar situation. Just know you are not alone and you can do it! 🙂



Much Love



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