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Back to the studio 1

Yesterday evening I finally went back to the studio to attend ballet since June. Words cannot describe how fulfilling the time spent dancing was. The evening class was 7-8pm but to me, it felt like it was only 15 minutes.

This class wasn’t the usual class where we warm up, do barre, stretch, then center work. We did floor barre this time which was super hard surprisingly! It made me much more aware of activating certain muscles in my body that I wouldn’t think about (although I should!) in ballet. There is so much to remember in ballet in every step you do. To me, that’s what makes it so pleasant because you’re always striving to better yourself one way or another.

We did tendús against the wall in First position, really focusing on keeping the hips down and using our core to get our leg up as well as really pushing our feet from the wall and pointing it. We also did it in parallel. Then we did Rond de Jambes which was a bit harder because you really have to be more controlled. Also, the music was slow so we had a lot of time to feel the right muscles.

Coincidentally the soundtrack was from Beauty and the Beast but a different version. Just a couple of days ago I learned how to play the full Beauty and the Beast theme song on the piano. However, the version my teacher had sounded so much lovelier! Afterward, we did knee raises/pliés in parallel while lying on our backs and then stretching out to flex and point our feet. We also then did this in the Frog position, having to turn our feet outwards after stretching the legs from frog position.

Next, we focused on our arms; we sat with our legs crossed and pushed our hands outwards horizontally making sure the heel of our hands are pushing forward then we raised our hands up like the hand raises in swan lake. My teacher told me that this helps and is a good exercise for our wrist flexibility and also makes sure our shoulders are down and square. We also did port de bras, slow ones from en bas/ preparation position/low fifth to first to second then down again to en bas. Then we repeated it again instead this time instead of second we raised our arm higher to fifth and with out fingers guiding us down we slowly brought it down to second then to en bas again. This again was done fairly slow to allow us to really think about the position of our hands. I know I have a tendency to let my hands face downwards when dropping my arms to second from fifth. This exercise made me realize I really need to open my hands more as if I am holding two pennies in my palm.

Perhaps if you are just getting back from a long break or summer vacation you would like to incorporate some of these exercises to do at home before going to the studio. These exercises are really good at fixing some basic technique issues, I would recommend you to try them.

Afterward,  we did center work which included transfer of weight exercises like standing up on passe in parallel walking forward backward, right side then forward backward left side and again for three times. Then we learned a simple combination relating to transfer of weight. I was very proud of how fast I could pick up the combination, and surprised myself by doing the combination without any mistakes as I usually would last year. I can finally see improvement.

The sky’s the limit!

This is my splits progress. Since last year I struggled to get my splits but after I began ballet within a few weeks I could get both sides. 

Overall it was a fabulous class, I’m really looking forward to next week where we will be attending another preparation class before the term starts which is so exciting and I also will be attending my intensive next week! 

More future posts soon! So stay tuned. :p

May xx 



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