My name is May. I’m a seventeen old girl (who really doesn’t really look seventeen) and this is a place where I dedicate my life to ballet. I have recently started it just over a year ago and now I wished I have done more to explore this art. Nevertheless, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity I have been to be able to dance. I know many people are in a similar situation as me and have been and perhaps, will be late-starters. But don’t despair because I believe there is a good chance of anyone reaching their dreams. It really just starts with believing, especially in yourself.

I was 16 when I started and wanted to initiate myself in something more physically benefitting in my life. During this period I was in my last year in school and I found myself constantly at my desk studying. I wasn’t very active and the only muscle I probably only exercised was my brain. Needless to say, I wanted things to change. I have always wanted to take ballet classes, however, because my parents didn’t approve I was never permitted to attend. As I grew older my persistence became clear to my parents that it is what I wanted to pursue and they finally approved of it. Eventually, I had the courage to email a local ballet school in my town about my desire to attend ballet classes. They eventually replied to me and recommended me to attend another school, run by a graduate of this local ballet school. Coincidentally, this new studio has just started a ballet class dedicated to only teens. Luckily, this other dance school was only two towns away and it takes about only 30 minutes to get there by car.

I was the oldest in the class and as a person, I was naturally shy and reserved. But, I had the best teacher who encouraged me a lot and I eventually felt more comfortable in class. When I started there were only three other people with me and since the time we began- September 16th we are currently undergoing the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and are now at Grade 3 and also doing our vocational training: Intermediate. We had classes twice a week and are preparing to take exams next year. Next term we will be expecting three classes a week which I can’t wait! It’s also the year in which I am attending university for the first time, which I also can’t wait! 😉

I really hope you enjoyed reading a little about me. Hope you have a beautiful day! 

UPDATE: I realized how long this “about me” is. But I sincerely hope this inspires you not just in dance but in all the other passions in life. You are not too old! 

much love-

May- xxxx