TDI Week overview

It’s me again! Today I will be talking about how I feel overall in my first intensive for dance. I would highly recommend to everyone to try, even adults. I enjoyed it immensely, even the other dance styles surprisingly. I loved all of it and the teachers were especially willing to help us with useful corrections even though they didn’t know us at all.
I was actually going to post every day after I have the dance intensive, but by the time I got home it was pretty late. So I opted for posting an overall overview of how I felt about being there.
Being there has taught me quite a lot, especially in terms of where my ability is currently and the potential that lies in the future for me. My teacher told us it would be a good opportunity for us to see where our potential is amongst the other students. I was quite surprised to see that we weren’t so far off from the other students at intermediate level, or maybe that’s because I am older and able to learn faster. Either way, it was a level that I felt was sufficient and competent enough. However, the teachers did try to push us. I also realized we haven’t done much of intermediate level ballet either because most of the vocabulary and steps the ballet masters and mistresses used did not resonate with me. 
I also immensely enjoyed the other dance styles. We danced to swan lake, tap, musical theatre (la la land), contemporary and commercial using the song “Solo Dance” which I loved. 😍 We learned all of the chereography for all the dances in just 5 days!! 😱 It was great fun though. 
I was so amazed by how amazing some of the young kids were. Some were around 10-11 years old and have such incredible flexibility and dancing ability. 😍
I’m looking forward to attending next year! Hopefully it will be just as amazing! Thanks for having me TDI. See you next year. 🤗
May xx


TDI Day 1

A lot of you might know I’m going on a Summer intensive for dance as I have talked so much about it in previous posts. Well, I’m happy to say Day one is done and dusted!

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to be so intense. I’m the kind of person who always seems to have an abundance of energy even after a lot of exercises. I guess I was wrong, or maybe I’m just unfit! That’s probably the correct conclusion since I spent all summer not doing any dance at all. All in all, I had a fabulous time and even though I got tired halfway through I would still continue to Dance.

Classes started at 10am, I got the bus to the city/where the dance studio is at around 7:40am which usually takes around an hour to get to. By the time I arrived in the city it was already close to nine. Then I walked to the studio arriving few minutes before class started. We had jazz first which was my first jazz class. It is so different from ballet though some of the moves were sort of the same such as jumps and pose turns. The jazz teacher was a very funny woman and constantly made funny jokes! It was a lot of fun until she got us to do planks, push ups, jumping squats and crunches and that was only the warm up! I was sweating bullets afterward!

Ballet was taught by an alumni from English National Ballet. Barre was sort of a warm up for centre. Here we did parallel feet, slow pliés, first positions, rond de jambe and a lot of balances! Centre was quite difficult as many of the steps the teacher did was not in our vocabulary or muscle memory yet. I can’t even remember the French words he used to distinguish the steps. But still the class was very good and I think this class really helped with my transfer of weight which I kind of struggled with throughout the combinations.

Another very good class we had today was Bollywood dancing. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun, and I truly believed it wouldn’t be my “thing” since I’m more of a classical type of person.

We also had few minute breaks in between the different classes we had so that we were not all dead by the end of the day! 😉

Lastly, we had Ballet Repertoire wherein we learned the swan lake, the part where the corp de ballet danced as swans in unison. I kind of struggled to learn this for some reason. Yes, the steps we were to learn was gone through very quickly but I usually pick up combinations easily with a few repetitions. I guess I was just tired after all those classes.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring more improvements and muscle memory. When I learn something new using my body, my mind finds it hard to process and I end up screwing up a lot. However, the next day/class when I repeat the steps it all just seem to click in. Does this happen to any of you?

One of the two studio I dance in. I could live here if I could. 😍
Stairs leading up to the studios. ❤️

That’s all for now everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading about my life as a first timer in a summer intensive. 

Stay tune for more! 

As always, see you in my next post!

Be kind everyone! 


Back to the studio 1

Yesterday evening I finally went back to the studio to attend ballet since June. Words cannot describe how fulfilling the time spent dancing was. The evening class was 7-8pm but to me, it felt like it was only 15 minutes.

This class wasn’t the usual class where we warm up, do barre, stretch, then center work. We did floor barre this time which was super hard surprisingly! It made me much more aware of activating certain muscles in my body that I wouldn’t think about (although I should!) in ballet. There is so much to remember in ballet in every step you do. To me, that’s what makes it so pleasant because you’re always striving to better yourself one way or another.

We did tendús against the wall in First position, really focusing on keeping the hips down and using our core to get our leg up as well as really pushing our feet from the wall and pointing it. We also did it in parallel. Then we did Rond de Jambes which was a bit harder because you really have to be more controlled. Also, the music was slow so we had a lot of time to feel the right muscles.

Coincidentally the soundtrack was from Beauty and the Beast but a different version. Just a couple of days ago I learned how to play the full Beauty and the Beast theme song on the piano. However, the version my teacher had sounded so much lovelier! Afterward, we did knee raises/pliés in parallel while lying on our backs and then stretching out to flex and point our feet. We also then did this in the Frog position, having to turn our feet outwards after stretching the legs from frog position.

Next, we focused on our arms; we sat with our legs crossed and pushed our hands outwards horizontally making sure the heel of our hands are pushing forward then we raised our hands up like the hand raises in swan lake. My teacher told me that this helps and is a good exercise for our wrist flexibility and also makes sure our shoulders are down and square. We also did port de bras, slow ones from en bas/ preparation position/low fifth to first to second then down again to en bas. Then we repeated it again instead this time instead of second we raised our arm higher to fifth and with out fingers guiding us down we slowly brought it down to second then to en bas again. This again was done fairly slow to allow us to really think about the position of our hands. I know I have a tendency to let my hands face downwards when dropping my arms to second from fifth. This exercise made me realize I really need to open my hands more as if I am holding two pennies in my palm.

Perhaps if you are just getting back from a long break or summer vacation you would like to incorporate some of these exercises to do at home before going to the studio. These exercises are really good at fixing some basic technique issues, I would recommend you to try them.

Afterward,  we did center work which included transfer of weight exercises like standing up on passe in parallel walking forward backward, right side then forward backward left side and again for three times. Then we learned a simple combination relating to transfer of weight. I was very proud of how fast I could pick up the combination, and surprised myself by doing the combination without any mistakes as I usually would last year. I can finally see improvement.

The sky’s the limit!

This is my splits progress. Since last year I struggled to get my splits but after I began ballet within a few weeks I could get both sides. 

Overall it was a fabulous class, I’m really looking forward to next week where we will be attending another preparation class before the term starts which is so exciting and I also will be attending my intensive next week! 

More future posts soon! So stay tuned. :p

May xx 


Dance addiction

Ever since I knew about the art of ballet I was completely captivated by the magic and etherealness it expressed. Till this day, I am still amazed by the music and movements of ballet dancers. I knew I had to give it a shot. It took me a long time to realize it. I think my mum thought it was just a phase I had. But in all honesty, all the phases I had are still with me today. I still love horses and I have always had a fascination with acrobatics too. But nothing captured me more than Ballet.

When I dance I feel a happiness inside of me, that is invaluable.

So, now that summer is here I am looking more forward more than ever to dancing again. I am missing it terribly and when I do try to dance at home nothing compares to dancing in my ballet studio, as small as it is, it has become my second home.

It’s always on my mind. When I wake up the word ‘ballet’ is on the top of my tongue.

I definitely, have a dancer addiction.

Me playing around with photography. I look happy in this one.
Another one, telling myself to focus!

A quote that I really love and resonates with me.



note to self ♡

Dear me/aspiring dancers,

Don’t be despondent about where you are now. Don’t feel like your life is on pause just because you aren’t there yet.

At times, you may feel like your dreams are impossible, but even miracles take a little time. You may not go down the conventional route of a dancer but know that you can still be different and achieve what your heart yearns for.

It might take countless failures and rejections to get to the top but do not let them be the sources of discouragement; let them be your foundation for a better endeavor next time.

You might feel a bit envious of girls who are fortunate to chase their dreams earlier in life. That’s fine, but remember not everyone’s story has to be conventional. Your’s can be an inspiration. 🙂

You may feel you are inadequate. People may hurt you with words. But you are stronger than you think. You started this journey for a reason and it is no good to give up halfway. NO one is going to help you get there, you are in charge of your life now.

And don’t feel the need to ask other people to reassure your aspirations. The trouble is by not risking anything you risk more.

When you look back, you will be happy that you listened to your heart. You just have to believe you can make it. Because in order for others to believe in your dreams you have to be the first person to believe it can happen.

Ask yourself the question “A year from now would you have wished you had started today?” 


“I can Accept failure. Everyone fails at something but I can’t accept not trying.” 

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“Be fierce. Face your biggest fear and don’t allow them to scare you. You are strong enough to overcome anything imaginable.”


Hey there everyone! This post is for me and for everyone else trying to pursue their dreams. At times, I am faced with discouragement and sometimes I feel like I should give up because the end goal seems almost impossible to reach. So, I have written this out, to encourage me and perhaps all aspiring dancers out there. Recently, I have seen so much success stories of young dancers I know and though I am happy for them, it honestly makes me unhappy with where I am. Now that I have overcome this sadness I wrote this to help others who may feel they are in a similar situation. Just know you are not alone and you can do it! 🙂



Much Love


Awaiting good times

Hey everyone!~

Summer is meant to be a time of vacation, sunny days and long hours of road tripping. Unfortunately, Summer blues have hit me and it has led me to be quite stagnant. I haven’t done much besides strengthening myself doing resistance exercises and running.

Where I run every other day!

My summer is a ticking away fast and I can’t wait until it is over, as weird as it sounds! Everything seems to happen towards the end of summer- August to be precise! It is in August where I would be able to attend a dance intensive in Dublin. (The Dance Institute).

As I am not a life-long dancer and late- starter this intensive will be catered towards my level. Besides ballet, we will be doing modern and contemporary, jazz, Tap (which I am looking forward to), pilates, Street and Ballroom. I honestly have no experience in any of these dances however I am looking forward to dancing ballet, which I will be doing every day alongside jazz. It will be an amazing experience I cannot wait! At the same time, I don’t want to have extremely high expectations as it might not be what I expect. In all honesty, I am a bit apprehensive as I am already 17 and I feel like many of the dancers will be young dancers. Thankfully, as I am of Asian descent, I look younger than I really am. For once I am grateful to be seen as more youthful! 😉 Many people seem to assume I am fifteen or younger than my real age and now I can honestly say this will definitely help me in the ballet world.

It is also at this month that I will be getting my Leaving Cert results (click here to read about the Leaving Cert). Last month, in June I sat my leaving cert exams which will determine whether I get into the University of my choice. I think it would be equivalent to the A Levels in the UK and SATS in America. Basically, it takes your grades and adds them up in points which determine your place in Uni. Coincidentally, the day I get my results will be the same time I will be attending my summer intensive.

I am planning on pursuing Physiotherapy as my major which will be a full-time 4-year course in RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons). At the same time, I want to develop my love for dancing, which will be quite difficult in consideration of my choice of major. However, I am very optimistic about the future, my ballet teacher; Ms. S. is setting a provisional timetable where we would have three classes a week on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Right now I am enjoying the fabulous weather in Ireland today.



the weather outside today! My window view.

Hope you guys have a lovely week! Let me know how you feel about your dance journey. I would love to know. 🙂


Much Love- 

May- xxx 


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love this picture, describes life perfectly, we are all free falling into our passions.


Struggles of a teen Dancer

As a teenager life is difficult. As you grow up you begin to uncover new realizations and see the world in new and different eyes. Then, begins the journey of trying to find yourself. You go through a series of unsteady times in unsteady legs. You find yourself longing to fit in, to be a part of something that you believe is your safe haven.

I have to admit, when I first started dancing, especially dancing Ballet, it was extremely daunting. It was what I wanted, without a doubt but sometimes I feel immensely discouraged by the people around me. I have never told any of my friends about this passion of mine; simply because I am actually quite shy and reserved and nobody ever really was interested in my life. Also, many of the conversations with friends never seem to center around topics related to dancing. Many teenagers have little to no interest in this form of art. I, therefore keep this passion I have to myself being the introvert I am! I also find when you do open up to someone about your interest they seem to discourage you, perhaps without even realizing it.

“Aren’t you too old?”

 “you don’t have the ballet body.”

These words are the consistent ones and yes, at first I am quite affected by these inconsiderate words and it is extremely hard to overcome them sometimes, especially if you are sensitive. But don’t them get into your head too much. It is better said than done, unfortunately! Just remember this is YOUR life and YOU are the only one in charge of it. If you have only got one day to live would you care about what people say or chase your dreams and goals?

“Do more than just exist!”

So, fellow dancers don’t be discouraged. You have every right to do what you love. Even if you are not the most talented. It is the passion that makes the difference.  😉

I truly hope this post shines a little light into someone’s life. Often times, I feel down in the dumps about my own potential and passion for dancing. I want all late dancers and all dancers to know you are enough, even if you are not there yet!

Much LOVE,

May- xxx

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